• an Fransisco General Hospital’s Psychiatric Emergency Ward

    Last week, RxArt hopped a plane to San Fransisco to install prints from artist Jason Middlebrook’s Traveling Seeds series in San Fransisco General Hospital’s Psychiatric Emergency Ward, and we think the addition of art has had a profoundly positive affect on the space. Above is an action-photograph of the installation in progress, and two glimpses of the completed project. It was a joy to work with the staff at SF General and we’re so happy with the result of the installation. Many thanks to the Sidney E. Frank Foundation for their generous support of the project and to artist Jason Middlebrook for his continued support of  RxArt.

  • Julia Chiang’s “One of a Kind”

    In concordance with Julia Chiang’s wonderful installation at Half Gallery, Exhibition A has  released a limited edition print of Julia Chiang’s “One of a Kind” piece. Don’t miss out on this great print and head over to the Exhibition A website.

    via Exhibition A:

    One of a Kind was originally made in 2009 and existed as a temporary 4’ x 8’ sculpture where the Ring Pops were left to melt over a 2 week period. These installation pieces don’t last long in any specific state, but they continually change and leave a mark on whatever surface comes in the way of the melting candy. Here Julia takes a photo of that installation and presents it as a print.

  • Keep It Together

    Keep It Together (detail), 2011, unglazed ceramic, dimensions variable.

    Our good friends at Half Gallery will be presenting a new solo exhibition by the talented Julia Chiang.  If you are free tomorrow, then stop on by for the opening reception!

  • Ms. Erica Richard

    RxArt would like to thank our awesome intern Ms. Erica Richard for all her hard work and dedication.   Her creativity and enthusiasm will be missed. Erica has been a great addition to the RxArt Family. We wish her the very best with her next endeavor.  Now dust off those cleats, Erica and get back on that soccer field!

  • Culture, Rolling Into Towns on Big Rigs

    Culture, Rolling Into Towns on Big Rigs

    Check out this article in the NY Times today; we love this idea of bringing art to the people.  The program director said, ” The conversation we’re hoping to start is not about art but through art.”  Now that’s what we call a heavy truckload!


  • Check Out One of RxArt’s favorite artists

    Check out one of RxArt’s favorite artists:

    MARCH 30, 2011, NEW YORK, NY—Public Art Fund is pleased to present Rob Pruitt’s The Andy Monument, March 30 – October 2, 2011, at the northwest corner of Union Square.


  • Japan tonight at The Boom Boom Room

    Jen Brill, RxArt Friend, hosts great relief effort for Japan tonight at The Boom Boom Room. Even if you can’t go feel free to donate, we sure are!

  • Make It Better: Art, Design, & the Future of Healthcare

    Jessica Barthel, the newest member of the RxArt team, spent the weekend in Providence to attend Make It Better, a symposium on art, design, and the future of healthcare, held at RISD. The well-attended two day event brought together healthcare experts, design professionals, artists, curators, and students to to discuss how the creative industries can and must play a key role in humanizing the healthcare system.   

    Many of the keynote speakers hailed from the healthcare industry or government public health organizations and had never been asked to speak at an art or design symposium - they exclaimed how eye opening it was to begin to think seriously about potential benefits of collaborations with artists or designers. The inspiring weekend made it clear that there is a growing groundswell of support for work like RxArt’s. Check out the symposium website for a forthcoming video gallery of conference highlights you can enjoy without enduring an eleven hour day in a tiny auditorium seat.

  • Color Your Own

    Some friends of RxArt have sent us their artwork from the Between the Lines coloring book. Wow, that looks great! Keep ‘em coming.

    If you want to color your own, visit our online store to get your copy today: http://rxart.net/store

  • Where’s our coloring book?

    Even better than a game of where’s waldo. Where’s our coloring book? That’s right, the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit! Bill Powers, Half Gallery Owner, snapped a picture of Between the Lines at the MOCAD Store.  Check it out- http://mocadetroit.org/store/index.html


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