Avant Garde Preschool!

This Sunday was our first Avant Garde Preschool class!  The Avant Garde Preschool program was originally started by Andy Spade and Anthony Sperduti, owners of Partners & Spade, a storefront and studio on Great Jones Street in Manhattan. Catering to children ages 5-12, the program has previously been led by artists such as Karen Kimmel, Donald Baechler, and Confetti System.

To kick off the new partnership between Partners & Spade and RxArt, Dan Colen hosted the inaugural class.  The young participants spent a fun-filled afternoon using brightly colored flower petals and an assortment of M&M’s to create vibrant, nontraditional works of art.  Dan encouraged the kids to create their works using whatever methods came to mind, reminding them that when it comes to art, there are “no rules”.  While some of the kids stuck to the “traditional” method of working while seated at the table, many kids created their masterpieces by putting the materials on the floor and jumping up and down on the paper!

We can’t say we had as much fun cleaning it up as we had creating it ( check out Partners & Spade’s “Aftermath” photos to see why!), but a great afternoon was had by all and we are so thankful to Dan Colen for leading such an amazing class and Partners & Spade for hosting us!

(*The cost of the class was $40 per child and all proceeds went directly to RxArt.)

Image1 AvantGarde Preschool Image2 AvantGarde Preschool
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