Barry McGee and Josh Lazcano vs. Houston St.

Back Camera

The visual landscape by the RxArt office has once again changed on Houston Street and Bowery thanks to artists Barry McGee and fellow graf writer Josh Lazcano (aka Amaze).  The infamous wall on Houston St. and Bowery has been the canvas for such artists as Shepard Fairey, Os Gemeos, and Keith Haring.  The mission for Barry McGee and Josh Lazcano’s new work was to tag as many graf writers call signs as possible.

Their work began in the late evening and continued to the wee hours of the morning. McGee and Lazcano decorated the wall with signatures of fellow writers in a distinctive red color. The names included those from distant past to present day. Stroll by Houston St. and Bowery and check out the finished mural in person and when your done head down to the Half Gallery and say hello to the RxArt Team.

—Frank Aguilar

(image via RxArt)

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