Diane Brown

RxArt Canada, President & Founder

Diane Brown founded RxArt Canada, a certified Canadian charity, in 2015 with the mission to promote health and stimulate healing by transforming and brightening hospital facilities with extraordinary museum-quality works of art. Also the Founder of RxArt in 2000, Brown forged a professional path that draws equally from her professional beginnings as a Pre-med student and from her career as a New York based gallerist, art dealer, and consultant. She has been active in the field of contemporary art since 1973; from 1976-1982, she owned and operated the Diane Brown Gallery in Washington DC and New York City (1983-1992). These spaces played host to some of the most significant artists of the time and that, in turn, has set the standard for the artistic aims of RxArt; a belief in art’s ability to not only transcend but transform its settings and viewers. Brown also worked as a private dealer, a consultant to private collectors for collection development and management, and as the curator of a corporate photography collection in New York City.