Coloring with RxArt at King’s County Hospital Center

On November 7th, contributing contemporary artists Erik Parker and Walter Robinson along with Diane Brown, Patrick Bradbury, Glori Cohen, and John Maroney hosted a coloring party at Brooklyn’s King’s County Hospital Center in the Pediatric Ambulatory Care Clinic.

At the party The RxArt Coloring Book: A Coloring Book of Drawings by Contemporary Artists was distributed free of charge to children and their families at the hospital.

The children spent time coloring the pages with the artists and members of the RxArt team while they snacked on sweets and had a blast trying on the Warby Parker mask. The coloring book event captured the importance of humanizing medicine through embracing art as vital part of patient care and improving the quality of  the hospital environment.

Enjoy photographer Theodore Samuels’ photographs of the event below!

Image 1

The RxArt Coloring Book and crayons galore


Image 2

Diane Brown and David having fun picking colors

Image 3

Glori Cohen coloring with an adorable Kings County patient

Image 4

Just what the doctor prescribed: ART!

Image 5

Artist Walter Robinson enjoying the awesome artwork

Image 6

Artist Erik Parker hard at work coloring with the children

Image 7

Patrick Bradbury modeling the Warby Parker mask.

Image 8

John Maroney sharing the fun

Image 9

Glori Cohen, Diane Brown, Erik Parker and Walter Robinson having just as much fun coloring in the RxArt Coloring Book as the children!

The RxArt Coloring Book is available for purchase in The RxArt Store.

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