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  • Art is always in motion, and sometimes it takes events such as Art Basel, which showed in Miami Beach in the first week of December, to tellingly reveal the varying and enterprising nature of the artworld. Todd Levin, Director of the Levin Art Group, noted, “What should have functioned as an exhibition that gets a full month of critical thought at the gallery is instead monetized in a period of five days.”

    Although art fairs such as Art Basel have a temporal pressure, they are condensed depictions of the ever-developing spirit of art. The Convention Center, which houses the fair, receives myriad private collectors making fast decisions, international dealers entertaining their clients, enthusiasts hopping between the fifteen other art fairs in the city, and academics questioning the significance of the works on display. This is not to mention the multitude of social soirées surrounding the art world, all of which Miami Beach naturally welcomes with flashing lights and well-known DJ names.

    As a recent graduate of Art History, I am particularly interested in finding a common denominator between an academic understanding of art and a collector’s vision of it. Like an ethnographer conducting fieldwork through Art Basel, I attempted camouflage through the booths, noticing both the hype and the subtleties surrounding the art, and applied my findings to my general understanding of the field.

    The first rule: Art is Not Still. Even the caves in Lascaux have questions still to be asked.

    Take a look at some familiar artists that RxArt has had the pleasure and fortune to work with, and other interesting finds:


Ai Weiwei, Forever (Stainless Steel Bicycles in Gilding) 3 Pairs, 2013

“It is related to my childhood experience and our public life in China today. Bicycles, not cars, represent the lives of millions of people” – Ai Weiwei for the Art Newspaper, 4 December 2013

Image Miami Beach 2013 2

Kenny Scharf at Paul Kasmin Gallery

Image Miami Beach 2013 3

Peter Gronquist, Self-Portrait, Art Now New York.

Image Miami Beach 2013 4

Enjoy this Will Cotton piece guilt-free!

Will Cotton, Sweet, 2009

Image Miami Beach 2013 5

Will Cotton, Earrings, 2013

Watch the video for the photoshoot that inspired the painting:

Image Miami Beach 2013 6

Scope Art Fair on Ocean Drive

Image Miami Beach 2013 7

Ryan McGinley, London (Carpet), 2013, team gallery

Image Miami Beach 2013 9

Beau Stanton for the Message in a Bottle Project, Scope Art Fair

And this video of a Bust of Athena made out of paper from the Eli Klein Gallery:

  •  – Anastasia Voron
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