Fountain Art Fair 2013: Unconventional and Awesome

Founded in 2006 by David Kesting, Lincoln Capla, and John Leo, with roots deep within the independent Williamsburg, Brooklyn art scene, Fountain Art Fair has grown to represent sixty of the most avant garde, edgy, and experimental international galleries. Fountain was created in an attempt to leverage support for smaller independent galleries, collectives and artists who wish to gain access to a larger audience of collectors and critics. The fair’s alternative model and genuine dedication to the galleries and artists is inspirational and exciting. Artists and galleries are accessible and enthusiastic as they engage the global art market on their own terms.

This year, Fountain Art Fair was held in the location of the original 1913 Armory at the 69th Regiment Armory. Packed with art and featuring live music and performances, the lively event was bursting with artistic vision forging the way for contemporary art.

View some of the highlights below.

Image Fountain Art Fair 2013 1

Boat by Dennis McNett at Republic Worldwide. Photo Courtesy of Paper Magazine.

Image Fountain Art Fair 2013 2

Performance artist Mideo Cruz at Grace Exhibition Space. Photo Courtesy of Hi*Fructose

Image Fountain Art Fair 2013 3

Performance artist and director Willard Morgan of Ideal Glass at Republic Worldwide. Photo Courtesy of Hi*Fructose

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