Free Arts Day at The Brant Foundation with Dan Colen

Image DC Brant 1

Free Arts and The Brant Foundation Art Study Center combined forces on Saturday, September 20th to create an amazing afternoon at the foundation with Dan Colen. Peter Brant explained that many of these kids had never so much as been outside of Manhattan…we can only imagine what it must have been like for them to arrive at Brand Foundation in Greenwich Connecticut in a sea of green surrounded by beautiful sculptures and buildings.

Image DC Brant 2

The artist took 100 children from the Department of Homeless Services around his exhibition, “Help!”, showing them that anything can be art. After the tour they were off to make their very own art projects, inspired by Colen’s body of work, on the nearly endless lawn.

Image DC Brant 3

It seemed like the most popular project was creating flower paintings. The kids were sprawled across the lawn stomping on flowers and enthusiastically hammering the petals into the canvas, transforming the white surfaces into vibrant, unique works of art. The aftermath…flower petals and stems EVERYWHERE, and kids smiling ear to ear!

The overjoyed kids nicknamed Colen, “Dan the man.” I couldn’t imagine a better artist to lead a workshop of 100 children who have been stripped of many opportunities. He inspired them to express themselves and use their creativity without the fear of making mistakes. This was a truly remarkable day at the Brant Foundation, a day I’m sure the kids will not forget.

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