A Good Friend to RxArt: Will Sharon

Will Sharon, a successful real estate broker working with TOWN Residential has pledged to contribute 5% of his 2014 sale’s commission to support RxArt. Today we received the second donation and we are incredibly grateful!

Will’s donation could not have come at a better time as we gear up for our 14th annual RxArt PARTY on November 17th.  Tickets available here.


An accomplished industry veteran who combines years of corporate experience with a commitment to exceptional customer service, Will Sharon is uniquely equipped to guide clients through New York’s residential real estate market. After ten years handling commercial real estate as the COO of JP Morgan’s Corporate Real Estate Group, Will has come to the residential side of the business, bringing with him a wealth of accumulated experience and a love for Manhattan buildings, particularly on the Upper West Side.

Will understands the art of the deal, but is also aware that choosing a home is as much an emotional decision as a financial one. He prides himself on effectively guiding his clients through that process, taking the time to listen closely to their needs from step one, then offering them the utmost in preparation, perseverance, and well-honed negotiation skills. “My job is helping someone discover what they really want rather than what they think they should need,” Will says. “People tend to trust me, and I give them no reason not to.”

Will hails from Westport, Connecticut and now calls West Harlem home. He obtained a B.A. in English from Colgate University and a postgrad Licensed Master Social Worker designation from the Hunter School of Social Work. He has served on the board of directors of The Door, a full-service adolescent agency where he helped build a high school for at-risk students.

If you or anyone you know wants to sell or invest in New York City real estate, working with Will Sharon not only means you are in excellent hands, but it also means you are doing good by helping to support RxArt. Will’s pledge helps RxArt to further our mission of increasing awareness and appreciation of contemporary art while promoting healing and inspiring hope in patients, families and hospital staff.

Image Will Sharon

Photo courtesy of Will Sharon.

Thank you for your support.



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