A Good Friend to RxArt: Will Sharon

Will Sharon, a successful real estate broker working with C21 Metropolitan has pledged to contribute 5% of his 2014 sale’s commission to support RxArt. Today we received the first donation and we are incredibly grateful!

Will transitioned to the residential side of the business after more than a decade of experience in commercial real estate. While he understands the art of the deal he is also aware that choosing a home is as much an emotional experience as a financial one.

If you or anyone you know wants to sell or invest in New York City real estate, working with Will Sharon not only means you are in excellent hands, but it also means you are doing good by helping to support RxArt. Will’s pledge helps RxArt to further our mission of increasing awareness and appreciation of contemporary art while promoting healing and inspiring hope in patients, families and hospital staff.

Image Will Sharon 1

Photo Courtesy of Will Sharon

Please click HERE to get in touch with Will Sharon. Thank you for your support.

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