Installation at Metropolitan Hospital

Last Friday, RxArt had the exciting mission of installing works by Garrett Phelan, Jason Middlebrook, Laura Owens, Paul Henry Ramirez, Mark Dion, Fabien Verschaere, Chris Martin, Fatimah Tuggar, Tony Feher, G. Jesse Sadia, Jr., and Carlo Ferraris at New York’s Metropolitan Hospital.

While we were installing the works, we also met a lovely woman named Ruth Hutson who shared her feelings on the new additions to the walls:

“My name is Ruth Hutson and I have been a patient at Metropolitan Virology Clinic for 23 years. I must say that today was the first day I enjoyed the atmosphere because a beautiful picture by Jason Middlebrook entitled Travelling Seeds inspired me. Metropolitan Virology waiting area is mute and grey, however, Middlebrook’s painting brought life, color, and inspiration to an otherwise dark and depressed area. Thank God for art!”

We were deeply moved to know that with the art we also brought inspiration to the patients and staff. The artwork stimulated many conversations throughout the clinic.

Below are some photographs and some of the conversations that they inspired.

Image Paul Henry Ramirez Metropolitan 1

Patients and staff members were thrilled to see the vibrant paintings by Paul Henry Ramirez go up. Many agreed that Ramirez’s paintings are going to brighten their days.

Image Carlo Perraris Metropolitan 2

Patients and staff in the waiting room chuckled when they saw The Untitled photograph by Carlo Ferraris. They were delighted to discover that the men’s shoes had been rearranged.

Image Garrett Phelan Metropolitan 3

Garrett Phelan’s drawings inspired conversations about caretaking. The staff expressed that these drawings evoked positive feelings. One doctor stated it was nice to have art on the walls that mirrored the nurturing work done in the clinic.

Image Metropolitan 4

The installation was a success at Metropolitan Hospital! We enjoyed spending the day with the staff and the patients, receiving feedback, and witnessing the reactions to the artworks. We hope the artwork continues to provide a break from the harsh reality that many face during their visits to the clinic.


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