JR’s Inside Out Project

JR finds grand concepts in humble gestures. The French-born artist travels the world, transforming busy streets from New York to Brazil to India into his own gallery walls. His large-scale black and white images are as global as they are local, aspiring to great notions of unity and acceptance with not much more than “people, energy, and glue.”

So, JR is asked, Can Art Change The World?

“Maybe,” he answers. “We should change the question: Can art change people’s lives?”

To all of us at RxArt, these words resonate deeply. By bringing in the art works of distinguished contemporary artists into pediatric hospital facilities cross-country, we strive to offer hope and peace to children and their families during the pains and anxieties of illness. JR’s global art projects investigate social, political, and anthropological issues world-wide, and inspire us all to be more empathetic, aware, and free. We truly trust that art is a tool for psychological change, making the impossible, as JR notes, “possible…even easy.”

Watch the full JR Ted Talk

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