KAWS x Disney


For all of you KAWS fans, be on the look out for his new exciting collaborative piece with Disney. KAWS has left his recognizable mark on Pinocchio and his little buddy Jiminy Cricket. This piece was first displayed at his gallery showing at the Aldrich, which created quite a stir to say the least. News quickly hit the internet, which fueled excitement and anticipation for a public release. As with all KAWS figures, they’re in extremely limited supply. They have already released overseas in Asia with a US release to closely follow, so head to your favorite KAWS retailer and find your spot in the queue.

Along with other great artists that contributed original line drawings, KAWS also can be found in our limited edition Between the Lines, Vol. 2.  So if you’re not able to get your hands on a limited edition figurine, this is your chance to own some of his work and create your very own artist collaboration!


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