New Addition to RxArt Team!

I am drawn to RxArt’s innovative initiatives on both on a personal and professional level; the daughter of an anesthesiologist and a sculptor, I grew up immersed in the critical vitality of both worlds. I pursued non-profit arts administration, a path that allowed me to explore the transformative nature of art-centered experiences, and has provided me with insight into the power of interdisciplinary communication and accessibility to creative resources.  All the while, I was keeping an ear to the ground about the state of healthcare policy, mental health, and even toyed with going into psychiatric nursing. But I’m delighted to have this great opportunity to bridge the gap, and finally delve into learning about the therapeutic roles that art plays in the healing process. I am a strong advocate for the creative process as an antidotal medium to soothe the psyche and nurse emotional wounds. The potential for the arts to promote relief and hone the senses of touch, sight, hearing and overall intuition is brilliant and irrefutable. I am looking forward to experiencing the ins and outs of an organization that vitalizes the ecology of hospital facilities, and instills inspiration, while easing tension, in unexpected and non-traditional spaces.

Image comic 2013
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