Night Scented Stock

Night Scented Stock‘, a surreal, three-story, five-room show curated by Todd Levin featuring haunting offerings from 67 artists ranging from Matthew Barney to Hans Bellmer, showed Wednesday at Marianne Boesky Gallery.

The title draws its name from a nocturnal flower. Once night falls, the Night Scented Stock emits an intoxicating aroma that attracts an array of night’s creatures – insects, bats, moths and birds – with its scent.

Among the artists showing were RxArt friends Aurel Schmidt and Diana Al-Hadid. The show presented a wide variety of work but the common thread that tied it all together were themes of the grotesque and fantastic.

Go see it while you still can!


“Night Scented Stock,” curated by Todd Levin, at Marianne Boesky Gallery,  118 East 64 St., Opening September 14, through October 22,

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