Paul Insect “2033”

If you are in New York City this holiday season make sure to see Paul Insect’s “2033” exhibition, up at Allouche Gallery located in Soho until January 11th.


Paul Insect
 Meteor Nights, 2014

This exhibition features a series of works on canvas and paper, mostly all of them vibrant in color and sharp-edged. In the 1990’s Insect became known for his witty stencil and spray painted works, before transitioning to the gallery scene with color-drenched canvases. His works in this exhibition “project a world in which people want more, thrive to be the best and pretend to be who are not”. Insect associates his work to the digital age in which people hide more than ever behind masks that enables them to project what they would like to be and think they need to be. His use of vibrant colors, shapes and modernism makes the viewer immerse in his works. Insect’s work demonstrates the power of art to capture and to question social and cultural evolutions in the information era.


Paul Insect
 Infectious Agents, 2014

Allouche Gallery
115 Spring Street, New York


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