Rob Pruitt’s Dry Erase Wall is Finally Up at St. Mary’s Hospital for Children

Last Thursday morning RxArt successfully installed the much anticipated Rob Pruitt dry erase wall at St. Mary’s Hospital for Children…and we couldn’t be more excited!

Image 2

(Jan Mittan, Senior VP of Development and External Relations at St Mary’s, gave Jeffrey, an enthusiastic patient at St. Mary’s, a hand to help him color the wall.)

The children were elated to see the wall go up and couldn’t wait to get coloring. It was so moving to see their faces turn to smiles. Although most of them were challenged by a broad spectrum of conditions, as soon as they got hold of that crayon their faces lit up and they became proud of their colorful drawings and names written in the white zebra stripes on the wall.

Image 3

(Diane Brown, President and Founder of RxArt, and Andrew Craven, advisory board member, colored with patients at St. Mary’s to test out the newly installed Pruitt.)

We hope this wall will give countless children struck with illness and their families moments of joy and of relief from the incredible struggles they face.

Below, you can watch the installation process of Rob Pruitt’s dry erase wall!

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