RxArt Interviews Ai WeiWei

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What is art to you?
Art is what makes us rethink reality.

What inspires you?
The moments when I say, “Something needs to be done”.

You are a father as well as an artist, how does one influences the other?
Being a father makes me realize that children naturally know art. Every child is an artist by nature.

In an interview you said art is about opening up possibilities. What did you mean by this?
In art, there are no limits.

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How does the advent of the internet effect your work?
The Internet gives me a new sense of connection. I get a chance to meet many people online, that I would not have a chance to connect with otherwise.

When creating pieces for an exhibition you employ the skills of many people in China. Is this something your actively think of when preparing or a show?
My active concern is that different works require different skills. Some will require a collective effort, but there are also works that do not need anyone’s help.

Your art is about personal expression and creating connections. What about these ideas are important to you?
Personal expression and creating connections are essentially one coherent effort. It is important to understand that, and make that expression accessible for the sake of communication.

How are you hoping your art will inspire those in hospitals?
I hope my work can spark the children’s curiosity, encourage them to experience new things, and have joy their lives.

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