Staff Pick: KAWS: DOWN TIME at the High Museum of Art, Atlanta

Image1 KAWS High Museum

I was happy to be in Atlanta recently, in time to see Brian Donnelly’s (better know as KAWS) solo show at the High Museum of Art (on view until May 20th).

Entering the museum plaza, I was greeted by the familiar sight of KAWS’ “Passing Through” Companion, which stood in front of The Standard New York last summer.  The large sculpture could only begin to prepare me for a museum bursting with KAWS’ paintings, sculptures and drawings.  Brian is a wonderful friend of RxArt and I have long been a fan of his sophisticated but playful aesthetic.

A 22-foot high site-specific mural greets visitors at the entrance to the Weiland pavilion.  If you cross the Renzo Piano bridge leading to the atrium of the original Richard Meier building, you see a fabulous triptych installed near the top of the space.  I circled up the ramp towards the top of the atrium to get closer to the huge fluorescent painting.  An upper gallery adjacent to the atrium was filled entirely with tondo paintings and another with fabulous drawings, some of which I can’t get out of my head – not that that is a problem!

It was so much fun to see KAWS’ work in a major museum show.  I am thrilled that we will have the opportunity to work with Brian on a site-specific hospital installation in the near future.  Watch our website for more information as the project develops.

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