Welcome to RxArt

My name is Nanase Shirokawa and I am very grateful and excited to be working this summer as an intern for RxArt. I just completed my freshman year at Williams College as a prospective art history and sociology double major. I am fascinated by the intersections between these two fields and how art functions in institutional spaces and urban environments.

Growing up in New York City, I spent countless high school afternoons trudging to the Met to flash my ID and gossip with friends in the Chinese garden while simultaneously attempting to complete my homework. However, until college, I never really took the time to think about the people that these institutions do not reach and the healing impact that art has. I was disappointed to realize that something that I was always taught as being “universal” and “all-encompassing” was in fact, rather exclusive and that not everyone was able to access, create, or enjoy art in equal capacity.

I am passionate about finding new approaches to engage wider audiences with art and using art to bring joy and promote healing in a unique and deeply meaningful way.  I look forward to gaining a new perspective on art that deals with its audience on a more personal level, working on exciting new projects as part of a brilliant team, and learning about the dynamics of the contemporary art and healthcare worlds.

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