RxArt Ball 2005

One of the most anticipated events of the New York fall season, the RxArt Ball raised crucial funds for our organization. The mission of RxArt is to continue to bring the very best of contemporary art into healthcare situations, improving the quality of life and emotional health of the patients. The RxArt Ball is our most significant annual fundraising event, providing us with the necessary funds to continue these pursuits. We owe much of our success to the generous donations contributed at this exciting event.

The RxArt Ball is growing and will exhibit some exciting changes this year. In previous years, artists have been generous enough to design ornaments for us to auction. For the 2005 event, with the assistance of a group of notable curators, we have invited some of the world’s top artists to work on 8″ × 8″ pre-primed canvases that will be included in our auction. This is an exciting shift in focus that aptly correlates with RxArt’s dedication to serious art. Many of these artists have worked with RxArt in the past, and their participation contributes to our ongoing and unsurpassed credibility in this field. This year’s selection of works promises to be the strongest yet.

Participating Curators:
Dan Cameron
Valerie Cassel Oliver
Bobbi Coller
Dana Friis-Hansen
Alexandra Gaty
Donna Harkavy
Susan Harris
Tom Healy
Graham Parker
Helaine Posner
Lawrence Rinder
Patterson Sims
Lowery Stokes Sims
Debra Singer

Participating Artists (list in formation):
Jonathan Adler
Neale M. Albert
Jonathan Allen
Joe Andoe
Ida Applebroog
Elliott Arkin
Christopher Astley
John Baldessari
Ed Baynard
Randall Beale & Carl Lana
Barton Lidicè Benes
Marie Krane Bergman
Ellen Berman
Jake Berthot
Dike Blair
Ross Bleckner
Katherine Bowling
Dusty Boynton
Stephen Burrows
Dietmar Busse
Rutherford Chang
C.F. Childs
Robert Colescott
Judy Cotton
Will Cotton
E.V. Day
Lucky DeBellevue
Carlton DeWoody
Lesley Dill
Jane Dixon
Michele Oka Doner
Beata Drozd
Sam Durant
R.M Fischer
Joel Fitzpatrick
L’Oriano Galloni
Ryan Gander
Milton Glaser
Deborah Grant
Hope Grayson
Duncan Hannah
Ellen Harvey
Tim Hawkinson
Carol Hepper
Josh Hickey
Matthew Higgs
Jene Highstein
Kathleen Holmes
Joanne Howard
Scott Hug
Ryan Humphrey
Alredo Jaar
Agnes Jacobs
Gareth James
Ilya and Emilia Kabakov
Jerry Kearns
Barry Kieselstein-Cord
Robert Kushner
Justen Ladda
Thomas Lannigan-Schmidt
Geraldine Lau
Jim Lee
Lance Letscher
Joshua Levine
Les Levine
David Levinthal
Sol LeWitt
Robert Mangold
Leah McCloskey
David McGee
Arnold Mesches
Ray Mortenson
Carrie Moyer
Dave Muller
Yoshitomo Nara
Senga Nengudi
John Newman
Tom Nussbaum
Yoko Ono
Tom Otterness
Graham Parker
Adam Penleton
Sheila Pepe
Hirsch Perlman
Felix Portela
Lucio Pozzi
Dianne Purdy
Anna Ray
Cosimo di Leo Ricatto
Ruth Root
Nicolas Rule
Jonathan Seliger
Kate Shepherd
Lisa Sigal
Gary Simmons
Arlene Slavin
Hunt Slonem
Zak Smith
William Sofield
Stephen Sollins
Julie Speed
Devorah Sperber
William Steiger
Sloane Tanen
Gwenn Thomas
Rirkrit Tiravanija
John Torreano
Fatimah Tuggar
Lane Twitchell
Chris Van Allsburg
Chris Vasell
Lydia Venieri
Henry Vincent
Martabel Wasserman
Leslie Wayne
Mary Weatherford
William Wegman
Lawrence Weiner
Marion Wilson
Steve Wiman
Sydney P. Yeager
John Zurier

Lisa Anastos
Joanne Leonhardt Cassullo
David Wasserman

Benefit Committee:
Lisa Airan, MD
Neale M. Albert
Michele Ateyeh
Denise Bibro
Sarah Brown
Drs. Bobbi and Barry Coller
Elizabeth Dee
Ms. Beth Rudin DeWoody
Ruth Eisenberg
Eileen and Richard Eckstract
Frayda and Ronald Feldman
Burton and Helaine Fendelman
Alexander Forger and Fern Schair
Jessica Fredericks and Andrew Freiser
Lionel Geneste
Agnes Gund
Deborah Hardwick
Donna Harkavy and Jonathan Price
Greg Hendren
Deborah Hughes
Pamela A.M. Johnson
Bronwyn Keenan
Sean Kelly
Marla Hamburg Kennedy
Christine Kim
Victoria Kisseleva
Philae Knight
Lock Kresler
Gary Lefer, MD
Kim Light
Alexandra and Joseph Macari
Jane and Bob MacLennan
Shana Madoff
Maynard Monrow
Camille Obering
Andrew Ong
Cecile Panzieri
Roopal Patel
Steven Perelman
Andrea Rosen
Cynthia Rowley
Dee Salomon
Brian R. Saltzman, MD
Brad Schlei
Lynn Schneider
Joyce Pomeroy Schwartz
Erik Scudder
Stephan Stoyanov
Antony Todd
Madeline Weinrib
Lauren Vanoni Vernon
Dr. Abe and Amy Warshaw
Thea Westreich and Ethan Wagner