ARTnews – A Lighter Shade of Koons

Art News — January 1, 2011

“Over the past ten years, the non-profit RxArt has installed art in 18 hospitals across the country, Jeff Koon’s monkeys cover a CT scanner, Rob Pruitt’s pandas decorate a family cafeteria, and a garden mural by Jason Middlebrook climbs up the walls of a bone marrow transplant unit. Meanwhile the RxArt coloring book, Between the Lines, has offered patients another way to experience contemporary art. The second volume, out this winter, features black and white line drawings by 51 artists — from a dense forest scene featuring a lumberjack by Scott Lenhardt to a geometric doodle by Jorge Pardo to a lady holding a crystal ball by Inka Essenhigh. There are also color centerfolds by Mickalene Thomas and Nate Lowman that offer peel away stickers.”

“The purpose with everything we do is to take peoples minds someplace else,” says RxArt’s founder and president, Diane Brown. The organization will donate more than 20,000 copies of Between the Lines: Volume 2 to hospitals. It is also selling the coloring book for $20 on its website and in boutiques and museums stores worldwide. Proceeds support future art installations in hospitals.” -Amanda Gordon