ARTnews – Pictures of Health

ARTnews — June 1, 2007


A grinning octopus by Tom Otterness (below), yapping dogs by Keith Haring, and jungle animals by Ann Craven appear in Between the Lines: A Coloring Book of Drawings by Contemporary artists, distributed free to young patients in health-care facilities by RxArt. Since 2000 the nonprofit has taken contemporary artworks into examination and procedure rooms for patients of all ages, but its most recent project is tailored to the young. “we want to take children out of the hospital,” says RxArt founder and former dealer Diane Brown. “With this coloring book, they can look at and interact with the art and be somewhere else.”

The 112-page book features drawings and photographs by 54 artists, as well as bright stickers by Ryan McGuinness and assume vivid astro focus. The images, both licensed and commissioned, range from abstract like Sol LeWitt’s shaky lines, to be representational, such as R.Crumb’s cartoon of a scared boxer and his coach urging, “C’mon kid… get in there and fight!!”