V MAGAZINE – RxArt In Color

V Magazine — December 1, 2009

For children, coloring between the lines is a challenge of visual dexterity. To an adult purchasing the new Between the Lines coloring book, the latest in RxArt’s annual series of art projects, the dictate seems more like a creative challenge: what would Raymond Pettibon do?

The punk artist contributed one of fifty original line drawings to the book, so you can channel creative energy, or perhaps decide that his scribbly aesthetic is better applied to the hyper clean lines of Takashi Murakami’s pop creation. Because Between the Lines costs only $20 (and free to children being treated in participating hospitals), only good can come from a little playful experimentation. And the projects impressive roster of contributors-including Olaf Breuning, Dan Colen, Wade Guyton and Adam McEwen (above, as colored by George Condo exclusively for V)-means there are plenty of tableaus awaiting creative inspiration.

Is Pepto-Bismol an appropriate coloring material for Ed Ruscha’s contribution? And where does one find crayons in the eye-searing colors preferred by Ben Jones? Its all up to you – coloring books were never meant to have rules.

  • Ken Miller
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