Vogue – Wes Gordon, Chris Salgardo, and More Have a Confetti-Filled Night at RxArt’s 17th Annual Party

Vogue — November 10, 2017

Last night, a crowd of New Yorkers gathered in Chelsea to celebrate RxArt’s 17th annual party. The evening honored contemporary artist Dan Colen for his latest project at St. Mary’s Children’s Hospital – a hand painted mural of colorful falling confetti – and Chris Salgardo, president of Kiehl’s, for his advocacy in finding a cure for HIV/AIDS.

“We work with the most generous and talented artists in the world. They give their time and talent to make these projects for kids,” said Diane Brown, founder and executive director of RxArt. “Each of them could make more in their studio in 10 minutes, but they are spending one year, two years, even five years working on projects to give kids hope.”

Guests including Wes Gordon, Rachel Chandler, and Vogue alum Sarah Brown enjoyed speciality cocktails made form Codigo 1530 Rosa tequila with lemon and topped with rose. As many wandered through the spacious and vibrant venue, they looked to bold confetti-shaped pieces hung from the ceiling and projected on the walls – an ode to Colen’s work with RxArt. Colen’s ability to transform a bleak room into an inspirational setting was understood by guests as they took in their surroundings.

“It’s amazing to get an opportunity to do something so ambitious in a space like [St. Mary’s Hospital], and to leave it there knowing they will have it forever,” Colen told Vogue. “I hope it provokes wonder and awe. It’s an experience and a shift from an average moment.”

Attendees later made their way near the stage to enjoy a live performance from St. Lucia. The band’s lighthearted and acoustic tunes took the night to new heights as guests sang along and looked forward to the weekend ahead.