Wallpaper – Art in a Virtual Reality: The Platforms Bringing Exhibitions Home

Wallpaper — April 21, 2020

RxART’s #ColoringFromHome Instagram initiative harnesses the restorative qualities of art.

Art has the power to heal, as American nonprofit organisation RxART has demonstrated over the years. In addition to commissioning contemporary artists to bring beauty and joy to pediatric hospitals, they also publish an artist-designed coloring book every two years, both as a gift to young patients and a fundraising initiative. The coloring project has now gained alive dimension, called #ColoringFromHome, which sees artists from their roster host coloring sessions on Instagram Live every weekday at 4pm EST. The coloring templates are free to download on RxART’s website – among them are Alex Israel’s self portrait maze, The Haas Brothers’ playful creatures and Claudia Comte’s bunny ears. Some particpating artists have even invited their young children to join in on the action; a recent takeover by Rashid Johnson and his son, Julius was a particularly heartwarming moment. Coloring has often been touted for its therapeutic properties; with #ColoringFromHome, that rings particularly true.

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