PIPELINE: Urs Fischer Collaboration with FIGS for CHLA

RxART is proud to be working with Urs Fischer and FIGS on a project for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. Urs Fischer will create artwork to be applied to PJ’s designed by FIGS for children to wear during their hospital stay. FIGS innovative PJ’s are made of antimicrobial, liquid repellent fabric, with plastic snaps that work with MRI machines and X-rays. Urs Fischer’s artwork will adorn the high-quality PJ’s allowing the patients to wear garments that reflect who they are outside of the hospital walls. Every FIGS PJ set has full back coverage, so no child has to feel embarrassed and they can focus on what matters most – getting better.

The mission of FIGS is to serve those who serve others. FIGS has revolutionized the medical apparel industry by creating the highest quality medical apparel in the world and selling it directly to the consumer. FIGS launched the PJ Project to bring comfort, dignity and a sense of home to children in hospitals around the country.

Every RxART project is made possible at no cost to our partner hospitals. RxART would like to thank Catherine and Kate Montgomery and the Mark and Caroline Montgomery Memorial Fund of the Santa Barbara Foundation for making this project possible. For more information on supporting RxART’s projects, contact Megan Skidmore at 212-260-8797 or megan_skidmore@rxart.net.

Image: Children’s pjs designed by figs