I hope you can see how much the addition of this work will add. The CT Suite can be an imposing environment and some beauty and levity is so helpful. We hope that no child would need to come here, but when they do, we want to reassure them that they are getting the best care. The beauty of this RxART project provides more reassurance that they are in good hands.
Dr. Dorothy Bulas - Chief of Radiology at Children's National Hospital
We are heartbroken to learn of the passing of a dear friend, supporter, and former Advisory Board member of RxART, Mollie Maxwell Myers. Mollie was full of joy and boundless love for her family and those in her life. She met life’s hardest challenges head-on, always seeking solutions, and looking on the bright side. In 2006, she approached Diane Brown about her and her husband Robert’s interest in supporting a new project. They funded an incredible site-specific wall mural by Jason Middlebrook in the Bone Marrow Transplant Unit at Mount Sinai Hospital in NYC. The mural, titled “Traveling Seeds,” depicted seed-bearing plants, which regenerate life as their seeds are carried by the wind and deposited elsewhere, thereby continuing the cycle of life. An edition of prints of Middlebrook’s “Traveling Seeds” imagery was produced to expand the project at Mount Sinai.  Subsequently, prints from the editions were also installed at Christus St. Elizabeth Hospital in Beaumont, TX. Mollie was born in Houston, TX and was proud to introduce RxART to Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston, where thanks again to the generosity of Mollie and Bob, RxART installed a vibrant and welcoming site-specific mural by Trenton Doyle Hancock.  Our sympathy and love are with Mollie’s family and friends; she will be tremendously missed. July 2020
After a long night in the Emergency Room at Cedars-Sinai, my son was admitted to a room by Urs Fischer. He immediately noticed the decor and was excited to see the elephants and color all over the room. Thanks for making it kid friendly.  
Jeanna - mother of a patient at Cedars-Sinai's Maxine Dunitz Children's Center
I am truly grateful for the opportunity to have Derrick Adams' art in our PED and for over 18,000 children to enjoy annually. Thank you for continuing to work with our PED and selecting an amazing artist.
Dr. Alexie Puran - Director, Pediatric Emergency Department, NYC Health + Hospitals/Harlem
It was meaningful to get the RxART commission (for the 207-foot corridor that leads to the operating department at CHLA). It's visually quite scary, because of what it represents, for children and their parents and caretakers to have to walk down it - even if you can change it in a tiny way, and help even a few people, that's a big thing. I love art, and I believe 100% in its power, because it affects me on a daily basis. Visual art can affirm an idea, and certain elements can really help change your mindset.
Nicolas Party - Artist, RxART Project at Children's Hospital Los Angeles