Hurley Medical Center is honored to have been selected by RxART and William Wegman for this thoughtful and creative project. The combination of Bill's talent and his signature Weimaraners will be just the right medicine for our kids and their families who are anxious to return to a sense of normalcy. Despite the best medicine that Hurley can render, there's no better substitute for the humor, imagination, and joy that this will bring.
Mike Burnett, VP Development and Chief Strategy Officer, Hurley Medical Center
“The (children) are enjoying the fun and comfort the art brings them,” says Jennifer Underhill, assistant nurse manager of pediatrics. “Since the installation of the artwork we’ve had little patients actually ask to enter their hospital room!”
Jennifer Underhill, Assistant Nurse Manager of Pediatrics
This piece, which depicts confetti frozen in mid-air is about both the joy and the fragility of life; it has found the perfect home at St Mary’s where the children will have the opportunity to interact with it on a daily basis.
Dan Colen, Artist, RxArt Project at St. Mary's Hospital for Children
As a mother of three boys, I have had several trips to CHKD in the last 14 years.  The art installations have a tremendous impact on my children, particularly the recent Ryan McGinness one in the Virginia Beach Landstown facility.  What begins as a very anxious situation for parents and children, quickly becomes less so when you enter a building with a mural as colorful and joyous as the one by Ryan. The art at CHKD, has become the perfect solution for distracting the children and alleviating their stress. The sense of fear, sadness, and nervousness quickly dissipate when we are surrounded by the vibrancy and life of that enormous work of art. It is truly a gift for the patients, the parents, and our entire community.
Carrie Coleman, Mother of CHKD patients
There's a lot about art that has to do with healing that hasn't been scientifically explored, but it's definitely helpful for children to be around art, especially when in a hospital situation. They feel more comfortable about being there. Also just thinking positively about everything, which is a part of healing and feeling better.
Keith Haring, Artist and social activist, RxArt Project with the Keith Haring Foundation in 2013
After a long night in the Emergency Room at Cedars-Sinai, my son was admitted to a room by Urs Fischer. He immediately noticed the decor and was excited to see the elephants and color all over the room. Thanks for making it kid friendly.  
Jeanna, mother of a patient at Cedars-Sinai's Maxine Dunitz Children's Center
  • Our NICU parents seek out their RxART Coloring Books to ease the stresses they have during their baby's NICU journey. Whether the nurses are putting in another IV, or the baby is being taken to surgery, the therapeutic nature of coloring the art in the book allows NICU parents a brief mental reprieve. The RxART Coloring Book also allows young siblings of a NICU baby to have something for themselves and an outlet to just "be a kid" and color.
    Elizabeth Simonton Freeman — Co-Founder and CEO of ICU Baby
  • The artwork on the ceilings of the patient rooms gave me something to look at other than a sterile white one. It made the rooms more inviting (as inviting as a hospital room can be) and it made happiness more welcome. The art drew me out of my room and made it more enjoyable to go on a walk to look at the art.
    Caitlyn — 16-year-old patient at Cedars-Sinai
  • Having art on the ceiling can be very helpful to our young patients. A fourteen year old patient can focus on the entire area and let her imagination take her away during a painful procedure. A three year old can create his own pictures using the shapes and colors he sees when he’s getting a lengthy transfusion. As nurses we are trained to help our patients manage their pain using more than medication. We use deep breathing, guided imagery, play and distraction and that’s how our colorful rooms help us achieve this important goal in our patients’ healing journey.
    Stephanie Faloon — Nurse of 20+ years, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Department of Pediatrics
  • Capital Group is proud and thrilled to work with the wonderful people at RxART in support of the Ryan McGinness project. We have a long involvement with CHKD, and this project is merely the latest example of their innovation in caring for children and their families. Through our affiliation with the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art, we are very familiar with Ryan McGinness, a tremendous artist with roots in Hampton Roads.  This project brings it all together in a unique and vibrant way, and we know this artwork will brighten the lives of countless members of our community for years to come.
    Scott Duncan — American Funds Service Company/Capital Group, Sr. Vice President/General Manager
  • At St. Mary's, we believe that the arts are essential to promoting health and well-being in children. Children with special needs can encounter artistic expression to free their imaginations from the constraints imposed by physical limitations, thereby improving their quality of life. We are so pleased to partner with RxART on this wonderful project with Dan Colen.
    Dr. Eddie Simpser — President and CEO, St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children
  • I hope my artwork will take kids' thoughts outside the rooms they're in. I want to remind them that there's a vast, wonderful world waiting for them.
    Sam Falls — Artist, RxArt Project at Cedars-Sinai
  • I love the work that you do. As a healthcare administrator in CO and a lover of contemporary art, the healing and joy brought from combining the two is unique.
    Leslie Horna — Healthcare Administrator, Denver, CO
  • Art plays a vital role in the healing process here at St. Mary’s. Medically complex children who are exposed to the arts are able to free their imaginations from the constraints imposed by physical limitations. Our installation by renowned artist Rob Pruitt provides inspiration and cheer to our patients, their families and the entire staff at St. Mary’s.
    Dr. Eddie Simpser — President and CEO, St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children
  • All of the services absolutely love the coloring books! You should sleep well knowing that you have made 1000 patients living in San Francisco much, much happier (and their doctors and nurses happier, too).