Muses & Visionaries Magazine – The Healing Power of Art

Muses and Visionaries Magazine — September 30, 2015


RxArt is so transformative that it is nothing short of therapy. The nonprofit organization brings original contemporary art by the likes of Jeff Koons, Will Cotton and Michele Oka Doner to hospital waiting rooms, pediatric wards and corridors. It’s the brainchild of Diane Brown, who herself underwent a CAT scan a few years back and found her mind occupied and comforted by imagining a Matthew Rudrine painting. The concept behind RxArt is that hospitals are by nature uninspired, sterile environments and do not impart a warm fuzzy feeling, which is conducive to healing. Diverting the attention of patients through visual art stimulation can inspire positive thoughts, which in turn bring relief and hope.

  • – Lola Thelin