Walead Beshty, Dan Colen and Alexis Rockman News

Friends of RxArt events are kicking off in L.A.: Walead Beshty will host Friends at his studio on the evening of March 1 for a conversation with… MORE RxArt is thrilled to announce the completion of our major project with Dan Colen at St. Mary’s Hospital for Children… MORE Beavers and Tigers and Bears, Oh my! RxArt… Read more »

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Recent favorites – Summer Public Art!

Summer is the season for public art, but wait for the heat dome to cool off before venturing outside to check out these pieces in NYC! The latest installation in Madison Square Park, Martin Puryear’s Big Bling, raised many questions in my family during a recent night stroll. While my mother thought it was an… Read more »

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Welcome to RxArt

As a recent graduate of Marymount Manhattan College with a B.A in art history, I am grateful for the opportunity to work as summer intern for RxArt! Growing up in both Brooklyn and New York City allowed me to fully immerse myself in the art world. My classes in college, in combination with the thriving art environment allowed my… Read more »

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Welcome to RxArt

My name is Nanase Shirokawa and I am very grateful and excited to be working this summer as an intern for RxArt. I just completed my freshman year at Williams College as a prospective art history and sociology double major. I am fascinated by the intersections between these two fields and how art functions in… Read more »

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Coloring with RxArt at King’s County Hospital Center

On November 7th, contributing contemporary artists Erik Parker and Walter Robinson along with Diane Brown, Patrick Bradbury, Glori Cohen, and John Maroney hosted a coloring party at Brooklyn’s King’s County Hospital Center in the Pediatric Ambulatory Care Clinic. At the party The RxArt Coloring Book: A Coloring Book of Drawings by Contemporary Artists was distributed… Read more »

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Sam Falls Exclusive RxArt Print

Sam Falls for RxArt Untitled (Fern Print) 17 x 13 inches ink on paper 2014 Edition of 50 The image of the limited edition Sam Falls print just arrived! The 17×13 ink on paper print, entitled Untitled (Fern Print), is the artist’s foray into printmaking. The print is on black paper and is created by undergoing a two-print-process…. Read more »

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A Good Friend to RxArt: Will Sharon

Will Sharon, a successful real estate broker working with TOWN Residential has pledged to contribute 5% of his 2014 sale’s commission to support RxArt. Today we received the second donation and we are incredibly grateful! Will’s donation could not have come at a better time as we gear up for our 14th annual RxArt PARTY on November… Read more »

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Free Arts Day at The Brant Foundation with Dan Colen

Free Arts and The Brant Foundation Art Study Center combined forces on Saturday, September 20th to create an amazing afternoon at the foundation with Dan Colen. Peter Brant explained that many of these kids had never so much as been outside of Manhattan…we can only imagine what it must have been like for them to… Read more »

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David Benjamin Sherry

Climate Vortex Sutra presents color-manipulated film negatives of landscapes in order to discuss the humans’ distortive impact on geography and our changing physical world.  On the images, most of the sci-fi, futuristic tones are achieved by using analogue techniques in the darkroom.  The photographs are meant to raise the critical concern of our relationship with… Read more »

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2014 RxArt PARTY tickets

Please join us at RxArt’s 14th Anniversary PARTY honoring artist KAWS on November 17th! Tickets are now available here: Eventbrite We hope that you will join us to pay tribute to the generous artists and donors who have made projects in over 20 hospitals nationwide possible. The RxArt Party will also include a Live and Silent… Read more »

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Welcome to RxArt

My name is Gabi Pérez. I was born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico. I am the current film/video intern for RxArt. Being born and raised on an island has given me the opportunity to experience a life that most people dream of. The whole “I live where you vacation” was a very true… Read more »

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Rob Pruitt’s Dry Erase Wall is Finally Up at St. Mary’s Hospital for Children

Last Thursday morning RxArt successfully installed the much anticipated Rob Pruitt dry erase wall at St. Mary’s Hospital for Children…and we couldn’t be more excited! (Jan Mittan, Senior VP of Development and External Relations at St Mary’s, gave Jeffrey, an enthusiastic patient at St. Mary’s, a hand to help him color the wall.) The children… Read more »

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Exciting New Addition to RxArt

My name is Albert Fis, and I am a new intern for RxArt. I was born in Los Angeles, CA and raised in Mexico city. I lived in Mexico City until I finished high school and then decided to move to Boston to complete my BSBA in Entrepreneurship at Suffolk University. Growing up in a… Read more »

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In a Different Vein

If you will be in Long Island over the next month, make sure to see Jason Middlebrook’s, Every Tree is a Map, up at Silas Marder Gallery in Bridgehampton until September 14! From left: Black Lines on Black Birch (2014); Many Types of Woodgrain (2012); and Inspired by a Diner in Nyack (2013). Photo courtesy of Hamptons-Magazine.com… Read more »

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It’s that time! Save-the-date for RxArt’s annual party honoring the amazing KAWS: Monday, November 17, 6-9 pm. This year’s auction features works by an incredible group of artists. Details to come soon. Mark your calendars!

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Artists Curating Artists

When artists curate works by other artists, it creates a dialogue between artistic sensibilities. Often we are unsure if the artists personally know (or knew) each other, if they were influenced by each other, or if their collaboration was the result of a stimulating first encounter. And we start to look for clues—the visual and… Read more »

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The Morgan’s Technicolor Dreamcoat

Last weekend, while everyone was flocking to Central Park or decamping to the nearest beach, I found myself happy to be inside, in midtown Manhattan, admiring Spencer Finch’s installation, A Certain Slant of Light, in the atrium of the Morgan Library. Finch (American, b. 1962) applied 365 colored film gels to the windows and to… Read more »

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RxArt Featured in CODAworx Magazine

Special thanks to CodaWorx for featuring RxArt in their sixth issue of CODAmagazine, which is live and ready to be browsed! Healing Art showcases incredible design + art projects where teams create spaces of reflection, meditation, and healing. See projects from our very own “Jeff Koons at Advocate Children’s Hospital” to the “Vanished Berlin Wall.” https://www.codaworx.com/project/jeff-koons-at-advocate-children-s-hospital-advocate-children-s-hospital-5376447ebe73a

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Visit to St. Mary’s Children Hospital

Exciting things are in the works at RxArt. Yesterday, Diane had a successful visit at St. Mary’s Children Hospital in Bayside, New York. Everyone could not be more excited for Rob Pruitt’s upcoming interactive installation. Rob Pruitt was so inspired by the kids and the space, as were the staff and children for his presence… Read more »

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A Slippery Artifice

John Currin was born in 1962 in Boulder, Colorado and grew up in Connecticut, where he studied painting privately with a renowned traditionally trained artist from Odessa, Ukraine, Lev Meshberg. He is best known for satirical figurative paintings which deal with provocative sexual and social themes in a technically skillful manner. In his early career Currin set himself… Read more »

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The Power of Creative Spaces

My first real contact with the arts was in my high school studio art program. I didn’t know anything about art history, but I knew that my favorite part of the week was walking into our two-floor studio with its giant windows, creaky easels, and brushes caked with paint. The studio was a safe haven… Read more »

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Lee Bul’s Installation at Lehmann Maupin Gallery

Lee Bul’s installation Via Negativa II, at Lehmann Maupin Gallery in New York transports viewers into an alternate dimension. The visually complex, three-dimensional labyrinth adorned with mirrors immediately draws viewers in only to quickly lead them astray. Lost in a maze of mirrors, the viewer is left looking at fragments of oneself, and leaving them… Read more »

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New Intern

My name is Niki Gaines and I am from Old Greenwich, Connecticut.  Ever since I was young, I have been completely immersed in the world of art, travel, and community service. I come from an artistic family and have followed in their footsteps through my passion for photography. With this interest in photography came a desire… Read more »

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Kara Walker’s Public Art Installation at Domino Sugar Factory

Kara Walker’s installation at Domino Sugar Factory, fully titled “A Subtlety or the Marvelous Sugar Baby an Homage to the unpaid and overworked Artisans who have refined our Sweet tastes from the cane fields to the Kitchens of the New World on the Occasion of the demolition of the Domino Sugar Refining Plant,” will activate… Read more »

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RxArt has Landed in Los Angeles, CA!

RxArt has finally broken into the LA art scene and will be making our way into West Coast hospitals with some of our favorite artists! On April 27th I made a trip out to Los Angeles, CA to introduce our mission to the rising art community in the art world. DAY ONE, I touched down in… Read more »

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Clandestine Therapy

Street art is a growing phenomenon of vast meaning and utility. This spread may indicate the need for expression in the urban modern environment. Clandestine street art is primarily a fight for space in a modern urban world, serving as a way for the artists to cope with feelings of suffocation by elements such as… Read more »

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“But Why Do You Need To Use An Artist As Well-Known As Jeff Koons?”

A question I get asked all the time when explaining what we do at RxArt is, “Why do you need to use artists as big as Jeff Koons instead of less-known, or even commercial, artists?” This is definitely a difficult question to answer, but there is a reason why we use artists as well-known as… Read more »

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James Clifford’s “Museums as Contact Zones”

The way that museums operate is always in line with political and social happenings of the moment…the move from excluding cultures in exhibitions, or imperialist display to our fervent desire to see and experience tribal, primitive identities, manifested through inclusion and differentiation is an example of that. This desire emerges with deindustrialization, a time when… Read more »

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Manhattan Island turned Art Gallery

“Without art, the crudeness of reality would make the world unbearable” –George Bernard Shaw Carol Bove, Celest, 2013, part of the High Line commission Caterpillar. Photo by Timothy Schenck Public art has been around for ages, however its prevalence today demonstrates our need for something more powerful and profound then information and technology. We are… Read more »

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Kelley Walker Opens at Paula Cooper

Last Saturday Paula Cooper unveiled Kelley Walker’s solo show revealing his new vibrant body of work that captivates viewers through its combination of popular culture, art, advertising and politics. A work that consists of 190 silkscreen and acrylic ink panels takes over the entire back room and brightens the space. The assemblage of panels, some… Read more »

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