Visit us here for downloads of drawings from the RxART Coloring Books. Navigating this new and surreal reality feels like a frustrating maze. But as you process, doing all you can to stay well and keep moving forward, we encourage you to take breaks to get lost in art.

Click the artist’s name to download the drawing, print, and color!

Week of May 25th:
Gina Beavers, “Ball Lips” 2018
Gina Beavers, “Cupcake Palette” 2018
Michael Craig Martin, “Touching” 2013
Rosson Crow, “Domino House” 2011

Week of May 18th:
Kathryn Andrews, “Untitled” 2012
Brian Calvin, “Gap Coloring”, 2020
Sanford Biggers, “Study No. 6”, 2015

Week of May 11th:
Austin Lee, “Untitled”, 2018 (left)
Austin Lee, “Untitled” 2018 (right)
Ellen Berkenblit, “Untitled” 2015
Olaf Breuning, “Fish or Woman”, 2015
Olaf Breuning, “I don’t wanna know what is in my brain”, 2015

Week of May 4th:
KAWS, “Untitled” 2011
Julia Chiang, “Everyone Say I Love You”, 2012
Walead Beshty, “Untitled” 2017

Week of April 27th:
Analia Saban, “Robot Drawing” (left), 2020
Analia Saban, “Robot Drawing” (right), 2020
Nikki Maloof, “Cat on a Persian Rug”, 2019
Marcel Dzama, “Headless Horseman” 2009

Week of April 20th – 24th:
Mark Hagen, “Untitled,” 2015
Katherine Bernhardt, “Feeding Frenzy” (left), 2017
Katherine Bernhardt, “Feeding Frenzy,” (right) 2017
John McAllister, “makes much melody,” 2017
John Houck, “Peachy” (left), 2017
John Houck, “Peachy,” (right) 2017
Scott Patt, “Luv You,” 2018

Week of April 11th – 17th:
Rashid Johnson, “Palm,” 2015
Rashid Johnson, “Run,” 2015
Kenny Scharf, “WHOZNOZEIZIT,” 2015
Matthew Ritchie, “Love, (after Coornhert), for RXArt”
The Haas Brothers, “Untitled, 2017” (Right)
The Haas Brothers, Untitled, 2017 (Left)
Claudia Comte, “The Italian Bunnies,” 2019
Trudy Benson, “Pile,” 2017
Trudy Benson, “Fire/Flower,” 2017

Week of April 6th:
Brian Bress, “Every Body” (left), 2019
Brian Bress, “Every Body” (right), 2019
Neil Raitt, “Rowboat Reflections”, 2019
Jeffrey Gibson, “Because Once You Enter My House It Becomes Our House”, 2018
Jeffrey Gibson, “I Am a Rainbow Too”, 2018
Elizabeth McIntosh, “Untitled”, 2019
Andrew Brischler, “Amnesia”, 2017

Week of March 30th:
Sam Falls, “Untitled” (left), 2017
Sam Falls, “Untitled” (right), 2017
Daniel Heidkamp, “Montauk Monsters”, 2018
Tara Lewis, “Play Ball 1”, 2018
Tara Lewis, “Play Ball 2”, 2018
Abel Macias, “Animal Meeting” (left), 2018
Abel Macias, “Animal Meeting” (right), 2018
Susumu Kamijo, “Coloring Poodle 01” & “Coloring Poodle 02”, 2019