Eliza Moore Fund for Projects

In honor of Eliza L. Moore and her commitment to contemporary art, we established the Eliza Moore Fund for RxART to provide a platform for the exhibition of work by exceptional emerging and established artists, while offering comfort and an engaging inspirational environment to hospitalized patients.

The idea for RxART was born in 2000 on a February afternoon in a CT Scan suite and nurtured over a glass of red wine with my good friend Eliza the following evening. Eliza was an artist and passionate about drawing attention to emerging and established artists and I was formerly a dealer working as a curator of a private collection. We discussed how frightening we both found the sterile environment of CT Scan suites and the subsequent wait for our results to be read.  We imagined having a Matthew Ritchie painting on the ceiling of the scanner room during the actual test, where immersing ourselves in the vocabulary of Ritchie’s work would take us away from the test.

Before we knew it we had an outline for the creation of RxART, and in May of 2000, we incorporated as a nonprofit organization dedicated to placing original art in hospitals and healthcare facilities.  Eliza and I went out to celebrate the night we were incorporated.  Two days later, she was tragically struck while crossing the street, an accident from which she never recovered. She died in 2008.

To give recognition to the pivotal role that Eliza Moore played in the creation of RxART, we will annually produce projects supported by the Eliza Moore Fund for RxART in her honor.  If you wish to contribute to the Eliza Moore Fund, please click the red DONATE button on this page or visit the Donation page to make a contribution to her legacy.

Your gift will give back to hospitalized young patients who experience and are inspired by RxART’s Projects every year.

With tremendous gratitude, and in fond memory of Eliza,
Diane Brown, President and Founder