Josh Sperling (b. 1984, Oneonta, NY) works primarily on shaped canvases that he creates by stretching canvas over intricate plywood supports. These bases are then painted with saturated color and assembled into three-dimensional, almost sculptural mosaics. While in the tradition of minimalist paintings of the 1960s and 1970s, Sperling brings a contemporary edge to his work through outrageous color palettes and exaggerated movement.

Recent solo exhibitions of Sperling’s work have been held at Perrotin, Hong Kong (2021); Bill Brady Gallery, Miami, FL (2020); Perrotin, Shanghai, China (2020); Perrotin, Paris, France (2019); and Sorry We’re Closed, Brussels, Belgium (2019), among others. Sperling lives and works in Ithaca, NY. Sperling is featured in Between The Lines: An RxART Coloring Book by Contemporary Artists – Volume 8.  Click here to download and color his drawing spread.