Marley Freeman

Marley Freeman (b. 1981, Boston, MA) works in both representational and abstract forms, yet always holds the materiality of her paintings above all else. Her work is easily identified by color fields resulting from a mix of gesso, acrylics, and oils. She is fascinated by the way pigment behaves against the warp and weft of canvas — a fascination stemming from her father, an antique textile dealer. Exhibitions of her work have included sculptural forms draped in textiles.

Freeman’s work has been featured in recent solo exhibitions at Travesía Cuatro, Guadalajara, Mexico (2021); Parker Gallery, Los Angeles (2020); Karma, New York (2019), among others. Freeman lives and works in New York City. Freeman’s work is featured in Between the Lines: An RxART Coloring Book by Contemporary Artists – Volume 8Click here to download and color her spread.