Rebecca Ness

Rebecca Ness (b. 1992, Salem, MA) is a New Haven-based painter invested in quotidian scenes of frozen life. Her work features fragmented figures often obscured by a mess of commonplace objects such as newspapers, pencils, shoes, and paint. Ness investigates the potential of objects and patterns as focal points for memory, portraiture, and imagination.

Ness has been featured in recent solo exhibitions at Carl Kostyal Gallery, London (2021); Nino Mier Gallery, Los Angeles (2020); 1969 Gallery, New York (2019); and Yale Slifka Center for Jewish Life, New Haven, CT (2018). She received her MFA in Painting and Printmaking from the Yale School of Art in 2019. Ness is featured in Between the Lines: An RxART Coloring Book by Contemporary Artists – Volume 8.
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