Oliver Clegg

Oliver Clegg (b. United Kingdom, 1980) is an English multidisciplinary artist invested in documenting ephemera, particularly abandoned toys. His materials and methods have involved everything from glass, wood and steel to neon, resin and concrete, weaving and casting to engraving and industrial manufacture. The artist engages with notions of nostalgia and object permanence, whether through dramatic portraits of deflated Mickey Mouse balloons or a billboard advertising “The End” as it slowly decomposes over a lake in the Catskills.

Clegg has been exhibited in solo exhibitions at Tennis Elbow at The Journal Gallery, New York (2019); Rental Gallery, New York (2018); and Erin Cluley Gallery, Dallas (2016), among others. Clegg lives and works in New York City. His drawings are featured in Between the Lines: An RxART Coloring Book by Contemporary Artists – Volume 8Click here to download and color his spread.